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Selecting Lake Michigan home sites and lakefront property is my passion, having built luxury homes along the Lake Michigan shoreline for almost 20 years. I’m excited to use my waterfront expertise to help you find your perfect lakeshore home site. I have listed here a few select properties; these and several other sites offer the ideal setting for your home, and we can show you why.” — Brian

From A Home Builder's Perspective

Which sites are most desirable?

Our experience as a lakeshore home designer, builder and consultant has given us an invaluable perspective on shoreline property; its availability, usability and intrinsic value. Having catalogued thousands of properties along the ‘The Big Lake’, we are well aware of the preferred and not-so-preferred building sites. What appears to be a great home site may have actually have very limited use; and there are diamonds in the rough not easy recognized. Potential buyers are often unsure where to turn for knowledgeable and unbiased consultation on the many factors unique to lakefront property, such as local zoning and utilities, DEQ and Critical Dunes Regulations, bluff restoration, build versus renovate, cottage succession and other issues. Our goal is to provide that expertise and also have the ability to handle the transactions.

Site Selection Assistance

  • Proprietary database of more than 2,000 lakefront properties, covering 90 miles of Lake Michigan shoreline
  • Aerial shoreline and site viewing

Lakeshore Property Study

  • Complete title work
  • Comparative analysis to similar/adjacent properties
  • Statement of contingent and limiting factors
  • All property information, description, deeds, maps
  • Site amenities/constraints analysis
  • Regulatory conditions, including zoning, DEQ, Critical Dunes, high-risk erosion, etc.
  • Lakeshore information

Existing Home Design Consultation

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  • Come use evaluation – determine how the space in your home could be redesigned to best accommodate your use
  • Opportunities for Improvement Assessment – research and offer aesthetic and functional ideas to improve the design of your existing home

We should note that Cottage Home Realty and our portfolio of Preferred Properties are exclusive to the lakeshore. For additional information, contact Cottage Home today.

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