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How does Cottage Home Realty know which sites are ideal for lakeshore property?

Our experience as a lakeshore home designer, builder and consultant has given us an invaluable perspective on the availability, usability and intrinsic value of shoreline property. We have catalogued thousands of properties along Lake Michigan and we are well aware of which building sites are ideal.

Are there special considerations that need to be made when buying property on Lake Michigan?

There are many factors unique to lakefront property, such as local zoning and utilities, DEQ and Critical Dunes Regulations, bluff restoration, build versus renovate considerations, cottage succession and other issues. Our goal is to provide the expertise and unbiased consultation that you need to manage these complex issues.

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Can you help me if I’m looking to build a custom lakeshore home?

If you’re thinking about building a custom home, please visit cottagehome.com where we can provide you with an outstanding design/build experience to give you a custom home that is perfect for your lifestyle.

What kind of activities and events does West Michigan offer?

We're passionate about lakefront living, and the year-round recreational, social and cultural opportunities it offers. Our Lakeshore Lifestyle App is a perfect guide to activities, events, restaurants, beaches, and shopping along the shores of Lake Michigan. Download App

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Why is it so important to work with a realtor who has experience working on the Lake Michigan shoreline?

Homes and home sites that have been passed down from generation to generation are often subject to grandfathered restrictions once a title passes from one owner to the next. Set backs, drainage, septic and covenants all impact usability. Cottage Home Realty will provide you with expert information on which sites are most suitable for your family and lifestyle.

When is the best time to purchase lakefront property?

We believe the best time to purchase lakefront property is now. Owning lakefront property continues to offer an investment that, over the years, has proven to be exceptionally rewarding - both in quality of life and financial growth.

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How do I know when I’m selecting the right lakeshore property?

Our site selection assistance process will provide you with a comprehensive guide to the lakeshore property you are considering. Our lakeshore property studies draw from a proprietary database of more than 2,000 lakefront properties over 61 miles of Lake Michigan shoreline. This property study and site selection process includes aerial shoreline and site viewing, complete title work, comparative analysis to similar or adjacent properties, a statement of contingent and limiting factors, site amenities and constraints analysis, a regulatory conditions report, and access to all property information including deeds and maps.

What if I already own lakeshore property or a home? How can Cottage Home Realty help moving forward?

Our existing home design consultation process is a two-pronged approach that includes a Home Use Evaluation and an Opportunities for Improvement Assessment. The Home Use Evaluation determines how the space in your home could be redesigned to better accommodate your use. The Opportunities for Improvement Assessment provides research to offer functional ideas to improve the design of your existing home.